Hi, I'm Megan

As a registered associate nutritionist, I work with food and health-focused brands of all sizes to help them communicate credible nutrition information to their audience and customers.

With a focus on recipe development, nutrition analysis, content creation and nutrition writing, I can help you boost your brand’s credibility across various platforms.


MSc Human Nutrition with specialisation in Obesity and Weight Management (Distinction) – University of Glasgow

BSc (Hons) Pharmacology (First Class) – University of Glasgow

My Journey Into Nutrition

Food is my favourite topic – I could happily talk about it all day! So as a science nerd with a passion for food, becoming a nutritionist felt like the perfect career choice for me.

Also, having seen numerous family members go through health problems in my younger years, I’ve always had a keen interest in how our lifestyle and, of course, the food we eat, play a crucial role in disease prevention.

But with the rise in social media and unqualified influencers promoting nutrition misinformation online, I am aware of how difficult it is for people to separate fact from fiction when it comes to health and nutrition.

This is why in recent years, my goal as a nutritionist has shifted towards supporting brands and other wellness professionals to communicate evidence-based nutrition and make healthy eating seem delicious and fun – not restrictive or boring.

Nutrition Philosophy:

Abundance > Restriction

I firmly believe in the power of abundance over restriction. Instead of fixating on what to eliminate, I advocate embracing what we can add to our diets. This philosophy is at the heart of my blog, More Plants Nutrition. Here, I encourage individuals to break free from the confines of restrictive eating and instead, focus on incorporating more plants into their meals (without the pressure to cut out everything else!).

Areas of Interest

I am particularly passionate about several key areas of nutrition, including:

Plant-focussed diets

  • Adding more plants and increasing diversity in your diet
  • Maximising nutrition from plant-based foods
  • Evidence-based vegan/plant-based nutrition

weight Management

  • Guiding individuals towards sustainable, balanced approaches to achieving their health goals

women's health

  • Nutritional needs of women at every stage of life
  • Body image and disordered eating in women

Prior Experience / Projects

As a nutritionist, I’ve had the joy of contributing to a range of impactful projects, including:

  • Creating engaging and informative resources for an online food skills programme for young people and their families.
  • Producing video content for various businesses and wellness professionals, including:
    • Demonstrative cooking videos
    • Social media content for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube
    • Pre-recorded educational workshops
    • Promotional videos for events
  • Writing nutrition blogs for brands and fellow nutritionists, covering topics from meal planning to combatting nutrition misinformation.

Fun Fact:

I Love to Travel!

As well as my passion for nutrition, I love exploring different cultures and discovering new foods through travel – which is why in April 2023, I decided to take a mini-career break and backpack through Central Europe.

During this trip, I gained some new perspectives on the food traditions and flavours of many Central European cultures (I especially loved learning more about the Mediterranean diet). I also picked up some tips on how to stay healthy whilst travelling – which is a lot harder than I thought it would be!

If you are interested in all things travel, you can check out my favourite food finds, travel tips and more on my TikTok.

My travel highlight? Definitely, the Greek cooking class I attended in Athens! Click here to see what I got up to.